Vinyl Printing

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One color printing

Vinyl printing is all about that heat transfer. We use a machine to cut out letters and designs from colored vinyl and heat-press them onto the t-shirt to transfer the color to it. Vinyl printing depends on a fine combination of pressure and heat.

Vinyl printing is mostly suitable for  small runs of up to a dozen or so t-shirts.The set-up time is little relative to that of screen printing. However, this method is much slower because each t-shirt needs its own set up. 

When to use?

Vinyl printing is best suited for simple graphics, not intricate designs. If you’re looking to create basic shapes or text-based designs, this is the method to use. Need to print jersey numbers for your local sports team? This is the way to go! Want to copy a photo of your family photo from your latest vacation on your t-shirt? This method isn’t the way to go.

If you have an intricate design with multiple colors that you want to place all over a piece of apparel, we recommend sublimation printing

With vinyl printing, there’s no way you can come up with true gradients (color blending), so fine details will easily get lost.

Under normal use, the design should last more than five years. I recommend following these care guidelines to maximize the lifespan:

  • DO NOT dry clean the garment. Instead, machine-wash warm, with mild detergent.
  • Dry the garment at normal setting.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach on the garment.
  • Wait for at least a day (24 hours) before the first wash after printing.


The best thing about vinyl printing is that the design will not fade or crack.


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