Window Signage

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Window Signage & Decals

Window signs are usually vinyl window stickers, which are the most popular type of window graphics out there. These are adhesives graphics, that stick directly to the glass and other similar surfaces. They also work well as graphics on vehicles.

Also known as window stickers, decals are high-quality materials with excellent printing options. There is technically no difference between decals and vinyl window stickers – they are the same and often used interchangeably. Stickers tend to be removed from a paper backing and then put on another surface while decals are manually transferred from a backing to another surface, making decals more reusable.

Transparent window decals for cars or any types of windows are installed either inside or outside, depending on the client’s preferences. Window decal printing is a great investment because our decals are entirely resistant to water and direct sunlight. This in one of the reasons they are so popular.

The adhevise these custom vinyl stickers uses is very minimal, yet they last a LONG time. If you have every dealt with residue, you probably used a company that used low-quality materials. At andHOW Graphics,  we use the best materials in town, so no adhesive elements remain on the glass after the removal.

Before talking about window clings for cars, it’s necessary to mention that there are two predominant types of window decals: clear window graphics and custom vinyl stickers and you can print them both.

Clear window graphics is a large sticker with the graphics printed on a background, which is usually transparent. On the other hand, custom vinyl stickers have no background, enjoying a more impressive, high-end appearance with eye-catching detailing. Perforated window films are good options as well and they allow one way visibility. We can compare perforated window films when you give us a call or email us with your project inquiry. While they’re good options they don’t have the same flexibility as clear or transparent decals.

Call us today for your custom window graphics!


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