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Our Story

*andHOW! derives from the old saying and is defined as ” to be in agreement with”. The spin off concept was developed in 2009 and into a more conceptual business identity. It’s a statement about the manner in which something is done. In the world of creating, its all about the process and HOW its worked through to successfully have your vision become a reality. The ability to have everything done under one umbrella, is where the client needs excel and are executed. *andHOW! Graphics is passion driven, reliable, and ready to work with you!  

David Condon

David Condon

Founder / Creative Director

David Condon has been creating art and design projects since 1999.

He got his first internship at a sign shop while he was in high school in 2001. From there it was skyrocketed to other media; such as years of photography, poster and logo design, and fine art.

His senior year in 2009 at University at Buffalo he was looking to further even more of his typographical and design skills and studied abroad in the Netherlands that semester.

While the idea was to go without a plan and study dutch design, he interviewed with a prestegious design firm Barlock, in Den Haag and was offered a position to work in the studio as a graphic designer.

His time spent there gave him a greater love and understanding of graphic design and branding.

When he returned to the united states he had a unique understanding of dutch and american design processes and created the name *andHOW!

He worked and became a branch manager selling artwork for 6 years in Maryland (dealing with clients across the country). When that time was up he and his family moved to Connecticut where he knew it was his time to put all the pieces together.

*andHOW! Graphics was a freelance business from 2016 to july 2019 working with
some local businesses doing logo design print needs. He opened his doors July 4th 2019 right in the town of Fairfield CT where he and his family of 4 reside.

After 1000’s of projects and needs from customers he had built relationships
with he decided to learn and develop the print side of design to service all the needs of customers under one roof.

*andHOW! Graphics now offers not only identity design and branding for businesses but apparel, large format interior and exterior graphics, banners and signage, business cards and flyers, web development, marketing strategies, basically anything in the creative realm people need for growth in their businesses or personal projects.

*andHOW! Graphics welcomes you for any idea you want to discuss and is passionate about working with the local community.

Growing Brands with Love

We pride in our work and relationships with customers. Whether its a new branding concept or a preexisting project, we can produce apparel, signage, promotional and marketing items to further your growth.  If you need help with your digital presence, we can handle that as well. 

Ask any of our clients what they think about andHOW and they will tell you why they keep coming back.